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Tie Downs and Lashing Systems

Steel Band Replacement for use in closing, reinforcing and bundling articles for shipment, unitizing, palletizing and bracing for closed car loading, truck loading and


AAR Approved

TyCord® 105, Ty2® Strap 4k & Ty2® Strap AW 105 Extra Heavy Duty

Ty2® AW125 & Ty2® Strap 12K Special Duty

All 5 straps are in compliance with the current ASTM D3950 and Open Top Loading Rule 19.1 regarding minimum break strength, elongation, dimensional check and joint strength requirements.

EU-TÜV NORD Certified - TyCord® 105, Ty2® Strap 4K & Ty2® Strap 12K


All sizes of one way lashing buckles and hooks; all exceed ASTM and AAR standards.

Our Ty2® Tie-Downs and Lashings are manufactured using the same straps that are comparable to steel banding.


Ty2® Tie-Downs & Lashings

The only cargo control Tie-Downs that can deliver controlled tension performance in a tie-down or tie-in situation.


Tie Downs from 1"-4000lbs/bs to 4"-24,000lbs/bs. All types of E-Track attachments, hooks and chains are available.

  Airplane Tie Down Airplane Tie-Down Securement


You can unitize paper rolls using a one way wire buckle or a reusable ratchet buckle for multiple uses.

Product List


Ty-Gard 2000®

Ty2® Strap

Ty-Cord® Strapping System

Corner Protection

Honeycomb Pads, Panels and Pallets

Air Dunnage Bags


Void Filler

Rubber Mats

Tie Down

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