Air Dunnage Bags

Combining the Best of Both Air Bags and Bulkheads
Impact tested and approved for all modes of transportation. Our air dunnage bags are simple to install - easy to remove. Prevents end-to-end and side-to-side movement. AAR approved as a stand alone load restraint system (Method F-2). Best protection available for Air Bags - virtually eliminates punctures and abrasions. Air dunnage bags are available in all sizes. FREE SHIPPING!

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air dunnage bags
Kraft Paper and Polywoven Air Bags
air dunnage inflator
Mobile Air Dunnage Inflator

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air dunnage bags
air dunnage bags
air dunnage bags
air dunnage bags

Method F-2 Palletized Case Goods Secured with D.I.D. Bags: