Ty-Cord® Strapping System

STRONG: Whether you're strapping pallets, drums, machinery, crates, or boxes, Ty-Cord® is the ideal solution.

SAFE: Easy and hazard free disposal. It is totally user friendly.

FLEXIBLE: Conforms to any size or shape with shock absorbing strength.

WEATHER RESISTANT: Ty-Cord® is not affected by cold, heat, or high humidity.

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Ty-Cord® Strapping System Products

AAR-78 Approved as Steel Band Replacement for Unitizing, Boxcar Cargo Securement, and Open Top Railcar use.

TY105 1 1/4" Ty-Cord® Strap, 3285 lbs/mbs - 500' Coil

Ty-Cord® Strapping System Products in Action - Unitizing

Ty-Cord® Unitizing Drums/Secured to Pallet
Ty-Cord® Strapping Ratchet

Boxcar with 1.25" Strapping, Woodcomb and Air Bulkhead: