Ty2® Strapping

 • High Tenacity Polyester Fiber(Made in USA)
 • Up to 24,000 Lbs. Strength, Unmatched Elongation Recovery
 • Complies with Current Cargo Securement Regulations
 • Retains Tension in Most Extreme Cold/Heat Conditions

Ty2® Strap was developed by a team of experts in the fiber weaving and cargo securement fields for the ultimate performance and elongation recovery.  Specifically designed for load-in situations requiring no creep, the highest retained tension, and minimum elongation, Ty2® Strap is the first of its kind to maintain controlled tension in the most demanding applications.

Utilizing high tenacity polyester fiber, Ty2® Strap is able to retain even tension across the strap to reduce deterioration, deformation and maximize the use of wire buckles safely.  Engineered with the least amount of elongation available, Ty2® Strap is impervious to extreme weather conditions and vibratory damage.

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Ty2® Strapping, AAR Grade 5, 5500lb Coil

Ty2® Strapping Gallery

AAR Approved Ty2® Strapping
Ty2® Strapping Cart
Ty2® Strapping, AAR Grade 6, 7700lb Coil
Ty2® Strap Boxcar Cargo Securement; AAR Pueblo
Ty2® Strap Load Securement
Ty2® Strap Container
Ty2® Strap Air Dunnage Load Securement